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  • 01.12.2016

Shaping the digital menu
board experience for McDonald's

Garus Booth

On Wednesday, December 9th, McDonald’s opened its first standalone McCafé outlet at Union Station’s York concourse area and By the Booth was part of the video production process to get this global brand ready for launch.

By The Booth was hired to create video assets for all menu board content. This included using motion graphics to create beautiful moving images and type from existing still photography assets as well as bringing some of the still photography to life with live action tabletop video production and post-production – editing, motion graphics and colour correction. By the Booth brought to life a distinct vision and collaborated with the Watt Group who created the design of the menu boards and provided the storyboards. Great detail was put into the production of these boards and live footage was shot for the McCafé Affogato in 6K so the final video looked crisp and appetizing while taking over the full menu board playing across 3 HD screens simultaneously.

“We are very excited to have our motion graphics and live video work with the Watt Group and McDonald’s be such an important part of the McCafé pilot project at Union Station, “ stated Garus Booth, Producer and Creative Director, By the Booth. “The menu board is the first visual connection a consumer will have with the new store experience and we have worked very hard to ensure that the result of that interaction is both practical and as visually pleasing as possible.”

The success of McDonald’s coffee has lead to the launch of this standalone McCafé. It will feature a convenient ‘grab and go’ concept of ready-made salads, wraps and pastries, including items such as quinoa salads and lentil hummus wraps.


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