how it all works

When you hire By The Booth, you’re getting an entire team working on all cylinders to deliver an effective video. Here’s what happens, beginning to end.

But wait there’s more

By The Booth Discovery Icon

1 Discovery

Your mission is our starting point – working together, we’ll conduct a series of (relatively painless) questions in order to uncover your unique ambitions. Discovery culminates in a creative brief showcasing an articulate story with an objective that will deliver.

2 Ideation

Taking the creative brief, we develop original ideas that speak directly to your audience and pursue the objectives defined in Discovery. Through joint effort, we’ll identify the approach that will produce the results you want most.

Creative Development Icon

3 Creative Development

With the “big idea” in tow, it’s time to have some fun with visuals and language to support it. Ensuring we tie everything back to our target and objectives, we can let this exploration stage fuel the creative fire.

Pre Production Icon

4 Pre-Production

You’re in good hands -through development of styleframes to storyboards, location scouting and casting every detail of production (live action or motion) is meticulously planned. Nothing is left to chance and shoots are executed with laser precision.

By The Booth Production Icon

5 Production

It’s alive! Your project transforms from still illustrations to animations (just like in the movies!) and the storyboard we envisioned is acted out in front of you. Production is where everything we’ve done up to this point actually comes to life.

By The Booth Post-Production Icon

6 Post-Production

The syrup on the pancakes – post-production enhances the value to our hard work and execution, bringing the big ideas to life, making them move and working together to incorporate your feedback and finish the piece.

By The Booth Delivery Icon

7 Delivery

While it’s not the pizza guy at your door, you’ll love what we’re delivering. We stand behind what we do and serve up only the freshest creative we know you’ll be happy to see.