Ddrops – an internationally successful health & wellness company partnered with us to expand their visual identity without overlooking the brand they had worked so hard to build. We saw Ddrops as a strong brand with loads of equity in the market – not wanting to change what already works, we found a way to expand their story.

The below illustrations were pre-existing elements that we identified as a starting point that tied our creative to their brand. These simple pieces served as our starting point, eventually transforming into an extensive series of stylish animations and motion graphics that integrated with their current brand.

As a medicinal/health brand, our first step was to learn more about the product, its instructions, and benefits in order to showcase Ddrops professionally and ethically. From there, we developed scripts and narratives for each spot.

With a visual style and narrative approach that Ddrops could own, we successfully demonstrated how this innovative product works for all audiences and positioned Ddrops as an educated brand that is a market leader.

Ddrops Live Action Video Production

Ddrops: Bright Futures - Architect

Ddrops: Bright Futures - Baseball Player

All said and done, we created 6 motion graphics spots and 3 live-action spots as well as several versions of each for UK, USA and CAN including social platforms. We’re proud to say Ddrops still uses creative to stylishly express their brand values.