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  • 06.20.2018


Garus Booth

A buzzing industry that hasn’t even gained its footing yet – cannabis has already transformed a strictly medicinal field to a playground of spirited young brands fighting to stand out. The harsh reality is that the industry is riddled with proposed restrictions that are seriously damaging (if not killing) our creative buzz. Some of the recent reco’s include:



Just the tip of the legal iceberg they places bitter restraints on brands that need to differentiate themselves from others and the black market.

Bonus: mega-platforms Facebook and Google have a strict no-drug policy for advertising, forcing brands to become even savvier when creating content. The good news is that we still have powerful advocates like Allan Rewark (Cannabis Canada Council) who is actively pushing for rules closer to alcohol, “if we’re going to be successful in getting rid of the black market, the simple reality is we need brand differentiation.” For more inspiration, see our top 8 approaches to being creative in Canada’s newest industry:

1. Social Media Influencers have a very large, engaged audience that follows their every move, suggestion and post. “Organically” sharing your product with an influencer slips by the proposed bans on celebrity endorsement or corporate sponsorship and allows access to a concentrated, potential customer base. (Check out @BigMike or @ImCannaBess on Instagram to see how it’s done).

2. Blogs & Podcasts are great opportunities for you to create content that offers information and lets you promote your brand more freely.

3. Newsletters can incorporate video and speak to a market you’ve already locked down, new leads or those who have shown an interest in your brand. This easily broadens your reach, while providing valuable data about your audience.

4. Cannabis Community Platforms: are fantastic for the industry. Hubs like Leafly provide information on strains, products, news and have an archive of videos covering various topics. Leveraging these resources and sharing content with them is a powerful promotional tactic.

5. Motion Design can showcase atmosphere, themes, emotions, and ideologies without showing cannabis or even saying the word. MD has the capability to describe and articulate abstract ideas, systems, and methodologies while building brand awareness. (Check out our video for Vital Strategies or Tokr)

6. Lifestyle Videos: connect with your audience, showcasing the ideologies and personality of your brand and the community around it. It provides a mindset, ideology, culture, and an emotional connection. (Check out Biion or Kindred Relief)

7. Back to the Basics: stay positive, proactive and reactive to new legislation. Things are going to change fast and you should always stay tuned to the competition and embrace new ideas to ensure you’re at the top of the creative chain!  

Our Fav’s: 
Those aren’t the only ways to promote brands and businesses – we’ve selected our top fav innovative cannabis campaigns – check them out here.

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