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  • 05.11.2018

Video Mythbusters:
Everything You Thought Was A Lie

Garus Booth

Mythbusters Blog Martha and Sam


Meet my friends Martha and Sam – Martha is a marketer and Sam runs a start-up. While I’m definitely cool enough for real friends – these are my theoretical ones and they have the same challenges you might face if you own your own business, run a start-up or control the marketing/advertising of a small-medium sized business.


Video-Mythbusters Blog Question One

A: Fortunately for both of us, new efficient processes, small flexible studios and animation means video can be scaled to fit almost any budget.

Here’s Why:

When you think of production, you usually picture a big-budget shoot costing hundreds of thousands of dollars, but with more businesses shifting to video a more accessible industry with scalable content has finally emerged. That means if you don’t have oodles of cash, you can still make breathtaking video that fits your needs instead of draining your bank account.

Speaking of price –  a professionally produced video will cost you around 20-30K if you want to do it right. If that number looks daunting, there are several ways to work with smaller budgets including using animation and collaborating with small, flexible studios that can handle everything from start to finish. 


A: Analytics, statistics and facts, that’s how.

Here’s Why:

Videos are fun to watch, (or so they should be) especially when they’re planned with the audience in mind, but do they really affect business goals? More importantly, how can they affect yours?

Did you know about 4x as many customers would rather watch a video about a product than read about it? Maybe it’s human laziness or the attention span shrinking, regardless this trend positively affects your ROI (which is what we all really care about). The majority of marketers who use video actually grew their revenue 49% faster than their non-video competitors making it pretty clear that video has something to offer (plus it makes your site 50x more likely to make a first page google result). As Kendrick Lamar eloquently said: Damn.

While stats and numbers are a great base, it’s important to understand that each business is unique. That’s why we use a Discovery Phase to understand the individual’s goals coupled with video applications and analytics such as Wistia, Vidyard and Google Analytics to track the performance of their content so we know what’s working.


A: Sure, but you’ll need to constantly produce content to make it cost effective & they’ll need a team.

Here’s Why:

The average motion designer salary in Canada is $67K+ per year, but even if motion designers are wonderful creatives they’re not usually trained in planning, strategy, production, editing and finishing a video (meaning you’d have to hire people to do those jobs as well). A producer’s average salary is $75K+ and, like the motion designer they are not typically trained to come up with creative, therefore, you’d have to hire a creative and production team to support them.


A: There’s no one set process – we’re here to guide you through the steps, keep your goals and routines in mind so we can work together flawlessly.

Here’s Why:

New-age thinking like “understanding your problems” and “actually giving a crap about you” are extremely valuable and helped transform closed processes into collaborative and inclusive experiences. I’m personally more interested in making sure the people we work with are comfortable and confident in our abilities, the rest is just adjusting our process to fit your specific needs and goals. Take a gander at some of the real steps we go through in our process.

A: Having a partner that understands your branding, marketing and business model and also helps develop a strategy for your content that fits a bigger picture is imperative.

Here’s Why:

When you go for specialized studios that focus on fast and cheap you’ll most certainly get a video, but whether that content actually serves your greater needs and fits into the big picture is questionable. Things like branding, marketing plans, understanding goals, challenges and audience let full service studios create big-picture ideas that spearhead larger campaigns. Instead of making a one-off, these studios look at your business’ plans and create strategic content that fits your budget and creates a larger presence than just a singular video. See how several types of content worked together to create a big picture campaign.



If you’re like my friend Martha or Sam, and you have some questions about how to break into the world of video painlessly, shoot me a message –  I love making real friends.



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