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    • 09.23.2016

    Developing an Eye for
    When To Use Motion Graphics

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You’re thinking of making a video for your new product, company or organization but there are so many styles and approaches out there that your not sure what the next move is. The good news is you have decided to add video to your marketing plan and will be retain and converting more customers as a result. But before you take the next step you might be wondering if motion graphics’ are the right fit for your product or content?

We’ve put together a helpful list of 6 ways motion graphics can enhance your viewer’s experience, explain complex or abstract ideas and bring your video to life! Let’s get started.

1.  Motion graphics help explain abstract ideas.
If you are pitching a concept, or have an intangible or complex topic (such as Bitcoin or the Cloud), motion graphics might be the best way to express those ideas.

Mo’ Motion Graphics = Less Problems!

2. Is your content all statistics? Motion graphics to the rescue!
Visuals work wonders when creating a tangible connection to your data. We can make your numbers and statistics come to life, and create a fresh way to cultivate the story you wish to convey to your viewers.

OHA asked, and we delivered:

3.Text-based motion graphic videos 
have grown to be quite popular with the influx of lyric and quote videos. If you only have text-based content or a script in the works, motion graphics can make your video more engaging and deliberate. Viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video compared to 10% when simply reading it in text*. (reference: insivia)

*However – we recommend that you keep your text videos short and sweet. Let the viewer focus on the keywords and ideas, rather than turning it into a glorified Powerpoint presentation!

Watch this text-based video we made for Sun Life as an example:

4. Instructional videos are a nice match for motion graphics.
It makes the steps easier to understand, and can be a great way to grab the attention of your audience.

Here is an example of an instructional video for OTP that was brought to life with motion graphics:

5. Motion graphics also pair nicely with live action video.
Like wine to a fine cheese, a graphic treatment can enhance the viewing experience by adding motion to key points, or filling in the blanks on content that is less visually interesting.

Here’s an example of when we used this tactic for Carta Worldwide, and enhanced it with motion graphics:

6. Motion graphics are a way to tell your story in a vibrant medium with endless possibilities.
Use your company’s colour pallet, go wild and colourful, stay muted, add textures… the capabilities are endless! Motion graphics can be a great way to tell your story in an aesthetically beautiful way.

When you find yourself brainstorming your next big video idea to share with your audience, give motion graphics a chance! Here at By The Booth, we can chat with you about the best video options, whether it’s motion graphics, live action, or a combination of both!


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