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    • 01.09.2016

    Top 5 video trends
    that will dominate 2016

Garus Booth

Video is changing the face of business. Cisco, which publishes an annual study revealing the very near future of online video, predicts a substantial increase of online video for 2016. Further, they believe that within five years, over 80% of the world’s online traffic will be dominated by video. The newest report predicts that by 2019, the Internet will be more or less a big video pipeline. Obviously video is not new, however, as it overtakes the internet, its application for big and small business is transforming rapidly. This creates a huge advantage for marketers who are adding video production to their marketing plan. Over the next few weeks we will reveal the top five video trends for 2016 along with ways you can use video production to create success for your business this year.

1. Mobile Video

Mobile is increasingly important. It accounts for about half of all online video consumption, yet almost all online video content is produced to fit traditional TV formats or horizontally-held phones. Snapchat tells us that mobile friendly vertical video ads have up to 9x more completed views than horizontal video ads. We can extrapolate that this is probably the case for most mobile video viewing. Either that’s a lot of phone rotating or worse, missed opportunity. In 2016, mobile will continue to dominate online and some brave souls will see success in adopting vertvid early. For those that are not yet convinced or ready to embrace mobile vertvid, it’s time at least to consider your content and ensure your video message is communicated as elegantly for your mobile viewers as it for traditional TV and desktop consumers.

This is a lesson in staying ahead of the curve, something that companies can no longer afford to ignore in the competitive landscape. Calculated risks with regard to online video can lead to huge gains in consumer engagement and give you a leg up on the competition. So, as a first order of video business in 2016, reduce rotation fatigue and increase engagement with mobile video this year!


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