WAD elevates brand with apocalyptic visual effects

Clothing brand WAD wanted to take a different approach as a means to promote their brand – they sought to have a campaign built on story. Inspired by the Book of Revelations, the project is a visual ode to its verses and a masterpiece in setting an apocalyptic ambiance.

Select biblical metaphors were developed to set the narrative of the project. The week-long shoot drew inspiration from moodboards gathered during pre-production whilst storyboards provided the necessary references to the desired chaotic look and tone. The impressive aerial stunts were achieved with assistance from a local Brazilian circus troupe.
Always thinking ahead

Always thinking ahead, high-res still elements were captured during production of the bodies in mid-flight in order to create the VFX shots at the video’s dramatic conclusion.

The WAD project succeeded in achieving the client’s goal of focusing more on emotion and experience rather than the clothing. Their most successful social media campaign to date, garnering 500k views (and counting) across their platforms.




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