Bruce Mau and By The Booth put abstract ideas in motion

Inspired by title sequences made famous by Saul Bass, the project expresses Vital Strategies’ approaches to tackling health issues in a series of animated illustrations – some straight-forward and others conceptual.

The creative challenge presented in this exciting collaboration with Bruce Mau was how to effectively translate the client’s vision into an engaging motion graphics piece. While co-developing storyboard designs, using illustrations to depict abstract ideas presented itself as a visual solution to the challenge. Vital Strategies’ logo and its colours were identified as focal points which helped with scene transitions, interweaving itself into the illustrations to reflect the client’s active involvement in the advocacy for better health systems.
An animation project turned Vital Strategies’ global mission into creative that moves

The outcome? A visually appealing motion graphics piece that saw the team wander outside the creative box to simplify abstract ideas and make a statement while at it!

Storyboard Stills

Project Stills

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