CO-OP and By The Booth take an inspired approach to lifelong learning

As the adage goes “Knowledge is power”, and Pearson illustrated this when they celebrated their shift from publishers to learning company. To complement their important milestone, CO-OP and By The Booth joined forces to create a dynamic live action video targeting those from Kindergarten to Higher Learning.

Developed from an original script by CO-OP, By The Booth collaborated with the agency to work on the project’s visual treatment that sought to interpret Person’s objective of empowering human progress through learning. Once the style frames were collectively decided on, table top vignettes were proposed to portray the various methods of educational growth that would be both descriptive and on-brand. With the help of a few props, this made for an immersive and fun viewing experience.
Table-top vignettes show how Pearson’s evolution will stimulate curiosity.

Pearson’s colour palettes were incorporated through the use of vibrant backdrops, tailoring the video to both kids and kids at heart.

The seamless transitions were accomplished as a result of careful direction on set and the great compositing work done in post. With the right music and voice-over which helped express the excitement of Pearson’s new venture and the playful nature of the video, the project helped show that learning can indeed be fun!


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