Marshall Fenn & By The Booth instill hope with portraits

Mount Sinai Hospital believes that the best health care happens through making real-life connections. Introducing their new model of care experience which centres around patients, their families, and their health goals, Mount Sinai engaged Marshall Fenn and By The Booth to capture this important new concept with the help of some of their actual patients and leading practitioners.

Although you would never know it, our team cleaned out an abandoned lunchroom and set up a studio in the basement of Mount Sinai making the “impossible” (a one day shoot with twenty busy people), possible. Based on Marshall Fenn’s creative concept and script, our collaboration produced simple yet moving black and white portraits of the subjects.
Helping Mount Sinai make an unexpected connection

The beautifully lit close-ups aimed to make a connection with the viewer which was further enhanced by authentic real-life moments captured in the expertly edited piece.

By The Booth with Marshall Fenn helped this project make a valuable connection, by raising funds to continue instilling hope and inspiring new medical discoveries within the Mount Sinai Health System.

Behind The Scenes

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