Hill+Knowlton and By The Booth put the “Eh” in eggs

According to research conducted by Hill+Knowlton, it was demonstrated that an overwhelming majority of Canadians like the fact that their eggs are homegrown. So when the Egg Farmers of Canada enlisted the help of H+K and By The Booth to dig deeper and crack the question of exactly “Why do Canadians love eggs?”, we scrambled the streets of downtown Toronto to find out!

Deciding on a man-on-the-street style of interviews, willing participants were asked to provide insight into questions such as “What’s your favourite way to make eggs?” and “How many eggs do you think Canadians consume per year?”. In an effort to round off the interviews to reflect H+K’s findings,
Getting to the yolk of why Canadians love eggs.

participants egg-spressed their admiration for the oval marvels with an enthusiastic “Eggs, eh?!”, a direct reference to the hashtag used to promote the campaign: #EggsEh.

The creative challenge faced in post was to edit a final project that made the message feel exciting but also educational. By The Booth helped achieve this with the use of sharp cuts, peppy music, witty sound bytes, and warm colour tones. The result? A successful collaboration that got to the yolk of Canada’s love for eggs!

Project Stills

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