Creative that moves


We are problem-solvers, challenge-seekers and MacGyvers. United by a delight in telling moving stories. Committed to meticulous craftsmanship.


We’re here to redefine movement. To always take the road less travelled. Simply: expect whatever you least expect.


Established by the demand for cutting-edge motion graphics, we have evolved into a creative hub, crafting content from inception to completion.


It’s the stories we tell together that excite us, connect us, and inspire us. We are By The Booth. Let’s move together.

Who We are

  • Creative Director
    From initial concept to final delivery, Garus oversees every stage in By The Booth’s productions. Leading with his creative sensibilities, and pulling together the talents of the team, his collaborative approach consistently results in poignant and inspiring content. And the awards are pretty nice too.
  • Executive Producer
    Wendy is an astute problem-solver and collaborator with a background in commercial editing. She has a unique insight into the production process and a healthy obsession with good creative. Wendy has bid just about every kind of job at every level of budget and enjoys nothing more than working with clients to find creative solutions (besides family).
  • Senior Producer
    Pebble is an organizational force to be reckoned with. With five years of experience in the media industry, she is a seasoned producer and motivated team builder that drives an effective production department with her “relaxed under pressure” demeanour.
  • Content Creator / Editor
    A key component in the final piece of our creative process, Moumy sifts through raw footage tasked with not just finding the story but elevating it. Her body of work includes extraordinary brand content, behind the scenes shooting, stunning commercials, and short films.