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  • Garus
    Garus Booth
    Creative Director
    From initial concept to final delivery, Garus oversees every stage in By The Booth’s video production. Leading with his creative sensibilities, and pulling together the talents of the team, his collaborative approach consistently results in poignant and inspiring content. And the awards are pretty nice too.
  • Pebble
    Pebble Lee
    Senior Producer
    Pebble is an organizational force to be reckoned with. With five years of experience in the media industry, she is a seasoned producer and motivated team builder that drives an effective production department with her “relaxed under pressure” demeanour.
  • Moumy
    Moumy Mbacké
    Content Creator / Video Editor
    A key component in the final piece of our creative process, Moumy sifts through raw footage tasked with not just finding the story but elevating it. Her body of work includes extraordinary brand content, behind the scenes shooting, stunning commercials, and viral web videos.
  • Jason
    Jason Herda
    Jason believes that people don’t buy products; they buy stories. Forged with strong coffee and a decade of writing in film and TV, he brings a passionate storytelling sensibility to produce content with one goal – to connect with the viewer.
  • Mat
    Mathieu Martel
    2D/3D Motion Designer
    Mat uses motion graphics and animation to breathe life and personality into video. Employing an eclectic range of styles and techniques, he can turn on point messaging into memorable brand experiences.
  • Dan
    Daniel Duguay
    DOP / Colour
    Dan loves lights. And his obsession with them has resulted in celebrated, award winning video content. Whether the vision is beautiful and contemplative, cheeky and vibrant, or somewhere in between, Dan’s craft is always exciting and polished.
  • Jeff
    Jeff Morrow
    Jeff writes original music for By The Booth. He has extensive classical training, but ignores that most of the time, which allows him to write complex counterpoint for 60-piece orchestra or pop songs for kazoo and banjo.
  • Chris
    Chris Henderson
    Chris is the only person in the office who still uses pencils and paper. His creativity allows us to refine ideas and concepts in the storyboard process, and his eclectic artistic contributions add richness and texture to every project.

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