We make cool stuff.
And it moves.

We thrive on the innovative – solving abstract problems, creating beautiful content and bringing teams together with big picture thinking. Forging relationships with empathy, we work to develop creative that meets and exceeds your goals. Our collaborative partnership and expertise in the

creative process means we work with you from ideation to completion ensuring every stage is carefully thought out. By delivering effective, creative video solutions – our goal is to continuously present opportunity and value for you and your brand.

Who We are

  • Founder / CD
    From initial concept to final delivery, Garus oversees every stage in By The Booth’s productions. Leading with his creative sensibilities, and pulling together the talents of the team, his collaborative approach consistently results in poignant and inspiring content. And the awards are pretty nice too.
  • Senior Producer
    Pebble is an organizational force to be reckoned with. With five years of experience in the media industry, she is a seasoned producer and motivated team builder that drives an effective production department with her “relaxed under pressure” demeanour.
  • Bus Dev Assoc
    A background in content creation, digital management and marketing strategy, Terra’s unique insights allow her to identify overlooked opportunities and solve real business problems. A professional and interactive people-person, Terra’s creatively motivated personality brings a fresh and fun energy to the studio.
  • Writer
    Jason believes that people don’t buy products; they buy stories. Forged with strong coffee and a decade of writing in film and TV, he brings a passionate storytelling sensibility to produce content with one goal – to connect with the viewer.