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    • 03.08.2016

    International Women's Day

Garus Booth

Today is International Women’s Day. We here at By The Booth are tipping our metaphorical hats to all of the mothers, sisters, grandmothers, daughters, spouses, and all women in general.

To recognize this day, By The Booth produced and edited a video in collaboration with Because I’m A Girl, Plan Canada, and Isobar, promoting International Women’s Day. The video contains verbal micro-aggressions women may be familiar with such as; “You only got that grade because you’re a girl” or “Life’s easy as a girl, and you can just marry rich”.

While working on this video, we all felt emotional connections to the content. We hear one woman say “hide your success so your man doesn’t feel intimidated by you”. When we all feel our loved ones should strive to succeed, and encourage them to do so. Another says, “You’re too pretty to be as smart as you are”, a mindset some have overcome in a male-dominated workforce.

The video gave these women an opportunity to exorcize words that were used against them in the past, to take control and empower themselves by recognizing that they have the strength to move past other’s opinions.


We encourage you to meditate on the message this video brings, and take action to better appreciate the words you say, and how they can directly affect someone’s life.

Please take a moment to view the International Women’s Day promotional video, produced and edited at By The Booth, devised by the brilliant minds at Because I’m a Girl, Plan Canada, and Isobar.

We are honoured to have been part of a project such as this, from the moment of conception to the completion of the final product. We strive to bring the highest caliber to every project, and to bring our client’s vision to life. This international Women’s Day, we wanted to bring that vision to you. We went to the studio to have their faces be seen, and have voices heard. That is after all, one of the most important aspects of International Women’s Day.



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