Developing an Eye for Motion Graphics

You’re thinking of making a video for your new product, company or organization but there are so many styles and approaches out there that your not sure what the next move is. The good news is you have decided to add video to your marketing plan and will be retain and converting more customers ... read more

360° Video the new online ad category

One of the biggest changes in online video this year is the quick adoption of 360 video (also known as VR or virtual reality). The concept is not new, but recent advancements in hardware and software accessibility has broadened its popularity and usability. We believe 360 video is not only here to s... read more

Video Vernacular

In the last few years, motion graphics have become an important tool to promote and advertise products and services that may not be conducive to live action alone. While they showcase concepts in a compelling and easy way for the viewer to understand, some people don’t know the difference between ... read more

Making the cut: The Match Cut

Editing can make or break a film or video. Beautiful, subtle, daring, and elegant editing impels the viewer along and paces the experience. Poor editing can make for a clunky and messy piece, taking the viewer out of the illusion. Film editing techniques can be seen through our history of outstandin... read more

Video for business: How long is too long?

We know that video is a powerful sales tool for business and with so much to say and important messages to get across, sometimes we forget our customer’s journey and habits in our efforts to create video content that communicates all the great things we can do for them. Last week we looked at ... read more

Top 5 video trends that will dominate 2016

Video is changing the face of business. Cisco, which publishes an annual study revealing the very near future of online video, predicts a substantial increase of online video for 2016.... read more

Top Video Trends 2016