Vineco’s Atmosphere

Our friends at Sputnik approached us with an exciting new project for Vineco . Together we produce and edit a promotional spot for the latest addition to the Vinco range of quality wine-making kits. This collaboration set to capture the essence of good times over a great glass of wine, and so, camer... read more


Developing an Eye for Motion Graphics

You’re thinking of making a video for your new product, company or organization but there are so many styles and approaches out there that your not sure what the next move is. The good news is you have decided to add video to your marketing plan and will be retain and converting more customers ... read more


360° Video the new online ad category

One of the biggest changes in online video this year is the quick adoption of 360 video (also known as VR or virtual reality). The concept is not new, but recent advancements in hardware and software accessibility has broadened its popularity and usability. We believe 360 video is not only here to s... read more


Video Vernacular

In the last few years, motion graphics have become an important tool to promote and advertise products and services that may not be conducive to live action alone. While they showcase concepts in a compelling and easy way for the viewer to understand, some people don’t know the difference between ... read more


International Women’s Day

Today is International Women’s Day. We here at By The Booth are tipping our metaphorical hats to all of the mothers, sisters, grandmothers, daughters, spouses, and all women in general. To recognize this day, By The Booth produced and edited a video in collaboration with Because I’m A Girl, Plan... read more


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