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    • 12.12.2016

    Create your own Atmosphere with Vineco

Garus Booth

Our friends at Sputnik approached us with an exciting new project for Vineco . Together we produce and edit a promotional spot for the latest addition to the Vinco range of quality wine-making kits.

This collaboration set to capture the essence of good times over a great glass of wine, and so, cameras started rolling on the production set for Atmosphere.

From a girls’ night in to family gatherings, “no matter the mood, no matter the moment”, the video (also produced in French) blissfully carries its audience through the various social scenarios that perfectly illustrates how well Atmosphere wine complements them: 

As with all projects that By The Booth undertakes, we ensure that our collaborators’ conceptual objectives are at the forefront of the task. From pre- to post-production, the client’s brand goals are weaved into every step of the process and working on Atmosphere was no different. Watch as the spot’s DOP (Justin Black) and director (Mark Klassen) elaborate on the importance of understanding the product at hand, discuss client relations over the course of the project, and delve into key moments of creative problem-solving:

Behind the scenes, shooting the video for Atmosphere was nothing short of fun for the hard-working crew and phenomenal talents! We captured glimpses of the hustle and bustle from the day of the shoot, and even sat down with motion graphics designer Shadi Didi where he talked in detail about his work on the 3D end tag featured in the commercial:

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